Interdisciplinary Collaboratories – Some pitfalls to avoid

February 1, 2012

I just sent out a call for the new round of applications for the Chancellor’s Interdisciplinary Collaboratories. The applications are due March 1.

Technically, these applications are supposed to be prepared by the faculty members applying for the grant, but I saw in the last round that in practice, the graduate students are often put in charge of getting the application together. Here are some items to double-check before submitting the application:

First and foremost, make sure all faculty members on the grant have an appropriate title code. No faculty members without a title code on research affair’s list can be included on the grant. The dean does not make exceptions. Your department grad coordinator or fund manager can help you verify the faculty members’ title codes.

Second, be sure that the faculty come from (at least) two different divisions as well as three different departments. On the UCSD homepage, there’s a tab that says “Divisions & Schools” that will list the divisions for you if you hover over it. (Arts & Humanities, Biological Sciences, JSOE…)

Third, remember that you need an abstract as well as your longer project description.

Finally, make sure each CV is no longer than 2 pages. We technically don’t have formatting restrictions on the CVs, but please make the font large enough to be legible, and the margins wide enough that the page isn’t horribly ugly.

Please feel free to email me at gradadvisor AT ucsd DOT edu with any questions. Good luck!

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