UC Center for New Racial Studies (UCCNRS) 2012-2013 grants

January 23, 2012

UC’s Center for New Racial Studies offers graduate student research grants. This year’s theme is “Race-Making, Race-Neutrality, and Race-Consciousness.”

“Racial conditions continue to apply across the entire social sphere: in respect to (in)equality and mobility both geographic and socioeconomic, in cultural terms, in political and legal practices, and in understandings and treatments of the human body (for example, in the arts, in medical and public health practices, and in patterns of crime and punishment). Race continues to operate in the allocation of resources and the deployment of political power, as well as the organization of communities, of interpersonal relationships, and of personal identity. The 2012-2013 research theme has been designed to address these and related areas of inquiry.”

Graduate Student Research Grants
Available to students working toward any graduate degree in UC programs across the disciplines (including the professions), these grants will be awarded for up to one year in amounts not to exceed $10,000, primarily intended to support a year of dissertation research or its equivalent for projects of exceptional merit in the designated thematic area…Funds are intended for direct support of graduate student research; they will cover actual research and travel costs, and cannot be used for payment of stipends or employment as a graduate student researcher (GSR). Funds cannot be used for UC student fees, tuition costs, or living/housing costs.”

“A final note: the Race-Making, Race-Neutrality and Race-Consciousness problematic is amenable to numerous (inter)disciplinary approaches, such as legal
studies and studies of science, medicine, and technology. We issue a special invitation to legal scholars and STEM scholars, both faculty and students, including those specializing in science and technology studies and law and society, to apply for a UCCNRS research grant during this 2012-2013 cycle.”

Application deadline: February 15, 2012


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