Versatile PhD and some science policy fellowship opportunities

January 10, 2012

For those of you unfamiliar with it, Versatile PhD is a community for PhDs and ABDs who are considering leaving academia or have decided to do so. I find it a highly supportive group and recommend that those of you having second thoughts about the tenure track check it out. (The community is anonymous, so no one there will be allowed to “out” you as a possible academe-leaver.)

It has two main fora: the traditional one, for people in the humanities and social sciences, and the newer one, for STEM folks. Right now in the STEM forum, there is an archive of a recent panel discussion on science policy jobs. I mention this because some of the panelists mentioned policy fellowships that got them started in the field. If you’re interested in this, act fast: the panel archive will soon be moved to the site’s premium content!

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