Soliciting ideas for how to better advertise fellowships

January 5, 2012

Hello readers!

I’d like your help with something. If you’re reading this, well, obviously you read this blog. If you didn’t read this blog, though, how would you like to find out about fellowship opportunities? I currently advertise fellowships primarily via this blog, and secondarily (for the more lucrative ones) by emailing the graduate coordinators and asking them to forward the opportunities to students.

What other ways can I publicize fellowships? What’s the best way to reach lots of UCSD grad students?

Also, can you think of good ways to let more people know this blog exists? I tell people who come to my office about it; there’s a link on the OGS website; and in October, I emailed the grad coordinators and asked them to let their students know about the blog. Is there a better way to advertise it?

I’d appreciate any ideas you have. Comment here or email me at gradadvisor AT ucsd DOT edu .



  1. I don’t know if GSRs have an orientation, but if so, I think informing them during orientation about the OGS website, particularly funding sources, and this blog would be beneficial.

    I just had the experience of a couple of pre-docs that were unaware of the deadlines for proposal reviews by your office for fellowships. I’m not sure if they were aware of the website.

    • Thanks for the suggestion! I will look into whether GSRs have an orientation, and if they do, I’ll suggest that this information be given to them at the orientation.

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