Pitch for students to study in Canada

November 29, 2011

This morning I met with a representative of the Consulat General du Canada, who is visiting the campus to encourage students to study in Canada. She says that Canada would like to have as many US students as possible studying at their universities. She wants you to know that Canada has excellent research universities (very true), and the country does everything it can to make it easy for our students to move there. It’s even easy for you to find work off campus (or on campus) while you’re studying. Also, studying in Canada tends to be less expensive than studying at an American university.
She particularly wanted to promote the Fulbright Canada program. Those of you thinking about doing a Fulbright but unsure of where to go might consider Canada. The rep. I spoke with also noted that it’s easy for students to go to Canada on (one-year) Fulbrights to find ways to stay on.
Later I’ll be posting about a doctoral fellowship for research related to Canada.

One comment

  1. Canada is well known among the other countries for its best research institutes and higher studies, really the stuff you have shared here is very informative.

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