Grant for research on sterilizing cats and dogs

November 28, 2011

Copied and pasted from the announcement I was forwarded:

Found Animals Foundation is pleased to announce the 2011-2012 Michelson Graduate Student Awards, to be presented to three graduate students in U.S. institutions for the best research proposals toward development of a permanent, non-surgical sterilant in dogs and cats. One $15,000 award will be presented in April, 2012, for a proposal in each of the following categories:

•Gene silencing to induce sterilization in dogs and cats,
•Innovative application of an engineering/materials science approach to inducing sterilization in dogs and cats, and
•Development of an innovative depot formulation for lifetime delivery of contraceptive vaccines in dogs and cats
The goal of the Michelson Graduate Student Awards is to raise awareness in the scientific community about the need for a non-surgical method of cat and dog reproductive control to reduce shelter euthanasia and animal/human suffering worldwide.

Applicants must be enrolled in the 2011-2012 academic year in an accredited graduate school in the United States in a scientific, engineering, materials science, or related discipline. Applications must be submitted in English in the format described. Michelson Graduate Student Award applications will be reviewed by Found Animals Foundation staff and their scientific advisors.

More information at: http://michelson.foundanimals.org/graduate-student-challenge

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