UCOP Tobacco Related Disease Research Project (TRDRP) – Internal UCSD deadline

November 16, 2011

The UCOP TRDRP provides funding to “stimulate research on tobacco control and tobacco-related disease that is of highest priority and potential benefit to the State of California.”

For 2012, there are five research priorities (and one sub-priority):

-Advance policies to reduce environmental exposure to the toxic effects of tobacco smoke, tobacco smoke residue, cigarette butts, and other tobacco products.

-Advance innovative research in nicotine addiction and the early diagnosis of tobacco-related diseases

-Expand the scientific basis to inform the regulation of nicotine and tobacco products at the local, state and national level.

-Prevent and reduce the use of tobacco products and tobacco-related health disparities in California’s disproportionately impacted populations.

-Sub-Priority on African American Health Disparities

-Advance the ability of communities throughout California to assess and limit the influence of the tobacco industry

Funding is provided at various levels; two areas that may interest our students are the post-doctoral funding and the dissertation funding.

Those of you applying for the dissertation funding need to be aware of OGS’s internal deadline.

First, there’s an external deadline: you must submit your Letter of Intent in Proposal Central by December 9, 2011.

Then, OGS requires that your application be complete (i.e. ready for our review but not officially submitted to TRDRP) by December 19, 2011.

When preparing your application in Proposal Central, you must give access to Dean Kim Barrett (username Barrett67606) so that OGS can review the application in Proposal Central. (Do not give access to Michael Brown in OCGA.)

List Dean Kim Barrett as the signing official and Mark Cooper as the fiscal officer/official/contact.

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