An NSF DDIG funding priority

November 7, 2011

From the Council of Graduate Schools’s Government Relations weekly update:

“NSF’s “Science, Technology, and Society” (STS) program is seeking “proposals for scientific research into the interface between science (including engineering) or technology, and society.” Two areas of particular interest are:
• “How ethical issues and values interconnect with science and technology, and how norms and values institutionalized in science and technology engage with society”
• “How policy choices affect scientific and technological knowledge production and innovation, and on how scientific and technical knowledge and innovation affect policy decisions.”
Proposals may be for standard or collaborative research (up to $500,000 per award), scholar awards (up to $240,000), postdoctoral fellowships (up to $150,000), doctoral dissertation research improvement grants (up to $18,000), or conference and workshop support (up to $25,000). Up to $7 million in funding is expected to be available in FY 12 for an estimated 40 awards. The deadline to apply is February 1, 2012.
More details are available in the solicitation at: nsf.gov/pubs/2012/nsf12509/. ”

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