Pacific Rim (Pac Rim) – further instructions

November 4, 2011

On October 17, I posted the call for Pacific Rim Research Program applications. I’ve gotten a couple good questions since then, and I thought I’d post the information I’ve come up with here.

How should letters of recommendation be submitted?
Your professor(s) can email the letter(s) of recommendation to me separately. Then, if our campus nominates you to the central Pac Rim committee, the letters will be uploaded separately online.

Are master’s students eligible to apply?
The program funds “a year of dissertation research or its equivalent.” Someone therefore asked whether master’s students could apply. I checked with the central Pac Rim office, and they said that master’s students can apply as long as the master’s degree is the terminal degree in the field or UCSD doesn’t offer doctoral-level work in the field. That is, if the master’s is as far as you can go in your field at UCSD, you can apply for the program.

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