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Fulbright Language Reports

July 18, 2006

Lots of questions about the Fulbright language reports. They can be completed by language teachers outside of the university, and should be, if a private language tutor is the person most familiar with your abilities in the language.

Keep in mind that you need to possess the amount of language ability necessary to complete your project. Part of completing that project is living in a particular country, so even if your project is conducted in English, you should know enough of the local dialect to get from the airport to your hotel, order food in restaurants, and go shopping.

If a language isn’t required for your country or your project, but you intend to study it in the meantime, be sure to state this on your own language report and have your teacher certify it on his/hers.

Finally, as always, I must urge all potential Fulbrighters to visit the individual country summaries on the Fulbright website.


Tuition, Fees, and Health Insurance for 06-07

July 13, 2006

For anyone filling out a fellowship application, a chart containing 06-07 tuition, fees, and health insurance costs is available here. If it asks for an 07-08 estimate, use these same figures and indicate that they’re an estimate.


Upcoming Deadline: Javits Fellowships

July 11, 2006

There aren’t many arts and humanities awards out there like the U.S. Department of Education’s Javits Fellowships, which can provide stipends up to $30,000, in addition to paying fees. The allowed fields of study encompass almost everything in the humanities, arts, and social sciences, as long as the applicant is pursuing the terminal degree in his/her field. Citizenship status is limited to U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and residents of the associated states.

It’s a two year fellowship that requires financial need (which I’m sure none of you have) and therefore, a FAFSA.

The 2007 applications aren’t available yet, but since the deadline last year was October 3, I’m assuming that it will be October 2 this year. Keep checking back for updates about the new application, which probably won’t look much different than the old one.